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Why coliving in Barcelona?

Updated: 5 days ago

Barcelona, with its dynamic cultural life and growing community of digital nomads, has become an epicenter of coliving . This trend, which combines the best of community living with modern conveniences, is gaining popularity among freelancers, marketers, students and technology users.

In this article, we will explore what coliving is and why it is booming in Barcelona, the associated costs, the experience of living in a coliving apartment and what characteristics a good coliving should have.

Why live in a coliving in Barcelona?
Why live in a coliving in Barcelona? - Haaus Coliving

What is coliving and why is it booming in Barcelona?

Definition and Functioning of Coliving

Coliving is a shared housing concept that combines private rooms with common living areas and shared services. This modality offers a flexible and economical solution, especially attractive for those looking for a community and collaborative experience. In a coliving , residents enjoy:

  • Private Spaces : Single, double or studio rooms, often with private bathroom.

  • Common Areas : Kitchens, living rooms, coworking spaces and recreation areas.

  • Services Included : Cleaning, maintenance, high-speed internet, supply of basic household products, community events, and sometimes even meals.

Reasons for the rise of Coliving in Barcelona

Barcelona is a dynamic city, ideal for the coliving lifestyle for several reasons:

  • International Community : The city attracts people from all over the world, creating a multicultural environment.

  • Sharing Economy : The global trend towards the sharing economy is reflected in the popularity of coliving.

  • Flexibility : Offers flexible contracts, ideal for digital nomads and freelancers.

  • Infrastructure : Good connectivity, efficient public transportation and high quality services.

How much does it cost to live in a coliving in Barcelona?

Coliving Prices and Options

The cost of living in a coliving home in Barcelona varies depending on location, amenities and room type. Below are some price estimates:

  • Basic Coliving : Between 500 and 800 euros per month, includes a private room and access to common areas.

  • Coliving with Private Bathroom : Between 800 and 1200 euros per month, it provides greater privacy and additional comforts.

  • Coliving Premium : From 1,200 euros per month onwards, it includes extra services such as exclusive events, gym, and more.

Comparison with Traditional Rentals

Living in a coliving can be cheaper than renting a traditional apartment in Barcelona, especially when you consider the additional costs of utilities, internet, and maintenance. In addition, colivings usually offer more flexible contracts than conventional rentals.

What is it like to live in a coliving in Barcelona?

Coliving Living Experience

Living in a coliving in Barcelona It is a unique experience that combines space and privacy with community. Some highlights include:

  • Network of Contacts : You will meet people with similar interests, creating a valuable network of contacts both personally and professionally.

  • Social and Professional Events : Many colivings host regular activities, such as workshops, conferences and social events, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration.

  • Collaborative Environment : Coworking spaces within coliving facilitate teamwork and creativity.

  • Convenience and Amenities : From regular cleaning to high-speed internet, colivings are designed to make life easier and more efficient

Resident Testimonials

Residents of colivings in Barcelona highlight the feeling of community and mutual support as key aspects of their experience. In addition, they value the flexibility and quality of the facilities. Living with friends and roommates from different parts of the world enriches the experience, allowing the creation of strong bonds of friendship and professional collaboration.

Coliving Barcelona: what is it?

Concept and Evolution of Coliving

The concept of coliving has evolved from simple housing sharing to a more sophisticated and structured model. In Barcelona, coliving has taken part in various forms, adapting to different needs:

  • Coliving for Digital Nomads : Spaces equipped with everything you need to work and live comfortably.

  • Coliving for Students : They offer a safe and sociable environment, perfect for those studying in the city.

  • Family Coliving : Some options are adapted for couples or families without children who have just arrived in the city, providing larger spaces and adapted to their needs for comfort and tranquility.

Benefits of Coliving

  • Cost Savings : Sharing spaces and services reduces overall costs.

  • Flexibility : Ideal for those who do not want to commit to long contracts.

  • Reducing Isolation : Facilitates social integration, especially in a new city.

What should a coliving have?

Key Characteristics of Good Coliving

For coliving to be effective and attractive, it must include certain essential characteristics:

  • Well-Designed Spaces : Both private and common areas should be designed with comfort and functionality in mind.

  • Inclusive Services : Cleaning, internet, maintenance and basic services must be included in the price.

  • Community Activities : Offer events and activities that encourage interaction and a sense of community.

  • Security : Efficient security systems to guarantee the peace of mind of residents.

  • Access to Transportation : Good connection to public transportation and proximity to basic services and places of interest.

Our Best Colivings in Barcelona

  • Born : Located in the heart of the city, it offers modern rooms, huge common areas and weekly events.

  • Gracia : With a focus on digital nomads, includes coworking and networking spaces.

  • Urgell : Adapted for students, with affordable prices and proximity to metro stops and local leisure area.

How does Coliving work?

Entry Process and Daily Operation

The process to join a coliving and the daily operation are quite simple:

  1. Application and Selection : Complete an online application form and often go through an interview to ensure compatibility with the community.

  2. Flexible Contract : Sign a contract that can be monthly, quarterly or annual, depending on coliving .

  3. Community Life : Participate in organized activities and events, respect the rules of coexistence and contribute to the community.

  4. Included Services : Take advantage of the included services, such as cleaning, internet, and use of common areas.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Compatibility : Make sure residents are compatible to avoid conflicts.

  • Maintenance : Keeping facilities in good condition requires efficient and proactive management.

  • Privacy : Balance community life with residents' need for privacy.


Living in a coliving in Barcelona is an attractive option for digital nomads, freelancers, students and anyone looking for a community life in a dynamic and vibrant city. Colivings offer a flexible, economical and socially enriching solution, adapted to modern mobility and connectivity needs. With varied options and affordable prices, colivings in Barcelona are designed to make life more comfortable and pleasant.

For those interested in this modality, it is crucial to research and choose a coliving that suits your needs and lifestyle. The experience of living in a coliving center can be a unique opportunity to grow personally and professionally, enjoying all the benefits that the city of Barcelona offers.

For more information on coliving rental options, visit our website and contact our customer service team for specific details on pricing, services and availability.


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