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Friends watching football at Haaus Coliving Barcelona

Well, here are some answers. Here you will find answers to most of the questions you may have about renting a room in Barcelona in one of our coliving apartments or flats.

Any questions?


  • Do you help with the process of obtaining the NIE and residence card?
    Yes, we help you with the entire process. - European Union citizens who reside in Spain for more than 3 months are required to obtain their NIE. - Citizens from outside the European Union who reside in Spain for more than 6 months are required to obtain the NIE during the first month of stay. Holders of a seasonal residence and work visa do not need to obtain their NIE.
  • Are there rules of coexistence?
    Yes, for correct coexistence it is necessary to have common rules to bring a little order, while maintaining the individual freedoms of each one. Our rules are: - Respect your roommates and their private areas. - Respect your neighbors. - Turn off the lights when not in use. - Be responsible with the use of water. - Recycle whenever possible. - Throw away the trash when it is full. - Clean the kitchen and bathroom after use. - Each one will have a private shelf in the refrigerator, pantry and bathroom. - If you break something in the apartment due to misuse, you will have to bear the costs. - Everything that is damaged by the passage of time and normal use is included. - Smoking is not allowed in common areas. - Parties and pets are not allowed (for now).
  • Who will be my companions?
    At Haaus we strive to ensure that your roommates are people with interests and/or needs similar to yours, so that you can share experiences, support each other and create as many synergies as possible. We will never have prejudices based on race, religion or gender. We are a diverse and inclusive community.
  • What are your customer service hours?
    For emergencies, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the rest of the procedures, our opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. During your stay you will always have the telephone number and email of a Community Facilitator at hand to resolve any issue electronically.
  • What does all inclusive mean?
    Our apartments and rooms are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to start living in Barcelona, including leisure/relax areas, kitchenware, desk and a comfortable bed. It also includes high-speed WiFi, up to €65 of water, electricity and gas costs, a weekly cleaning of the living room, dining room, kitchen and shared bathrooms, community fees, garbage and taxes, home maintenance, access to discounts, exclusive events , and 24/7 assistance from one of our Community Facilitators. The only thing that is not included is bed linen and towels, which are included in the Welcome Service at the time of formalizing the contract.
  • Do you help with Registration?
    Yes, people who live in Spain for more than 6 months need to be registered in Spain, and it is necessary to obtain the NIE, access public health, open a bank account, go to the public library or register a vehicle. We help you with the entire process.
  • What is the minimum and maximum length of stay at Haaus?
    The minimum stay at Haaus is 1 month and the maximum is 1 year, although we can renew the contract as many times as you need.
  • How can I reserve a room?
    The reservation process is usually 100% online, although it can be done in person if you are already here. 1. Choose the room that suits you best. 2. Request a virtual or in-person visit with our Community Facilitator*. 3. If you like the room, the apartment and the roommates, return all the required information and pay the deposit (1 month) which will be returned to you at the end of your stay. 4. All ready! In a few hours you can start living in one of our apartments. *During the application process, you will be asked questions about the reason for your stay, your concerns and interests to recommend an apartment with roommates with whom there may be a real match.
  • What documents do I need to reserve a room?
    Reserving a room is very easy. You only need a copy of your ID (if you are European) or passport (rest of the world) and a copy of your acceptance or enrollment letter at your university/school, or a copy of your work or internship contract. If you are self-employed or an entrepreneur, you only have to prove your activity. You also have to provide us with your information and accept our conditions.
  • What does weekly cleaning consist of?
    Our cleaning team (pardon the redundancy) cleans the common areas of the apartments weekly, including the kitchen and bathrooms, so that you are more comfortable and can focus on what you really came to do in Barcelona and avoid problems of coexistence. Remember that we offer room cleaning and ironing for a small fee. In any case, we ask that you collaborate in maintaining order and cleanliness at home for proper coexistence: take out the trash daily, do not accumulate dishes in the sink and leave the bathroom for the next coliver as you would like to find it.
  • What does included maintenance mean?
    Our professionals are in charge of the comprehensive maintenance of the homes, ordinary and extraordinary, reflected in the contract (a refrigerator that stops working, a plug that does not work, etc.). Maintenance resulting from carelessness, misuse or negligence of any container or content provided by us is excluded. In these cases, our maintenance service will solve the problem at an additional cost.
  • Is my room cleaned before entering?
    Of course, our cleaning team is responsible for leaving the room completely disinfected and sparkling gold before your arrival.
  • Do you accept pets?
    We are evaluating the option of accepting pets when our community grows enough. At the moment we cannot guarantee that we can find an apartment that is prepared, and where all the colivers are in agreement, in addition to not having allergies.
  • Are there options for couples?
    Of course, book your room through the channel that best suits you and we will find the most comfortable apartment for both of you. The second person has an extra cost of €250/month, which includes up to €65 of supplies, 24-hour assistance, extra cleaning of common areas and incident management.
  • Can I invite my friends to the apartment?
    Yes, you can have one guest per month staying for a maximum of 4 nights, after you have informed your roommates and your Community Facilitator has validated it. Overnight stays without consent have a penalty of €100 per night.
  • What happens if I check-in or check-out after the first day or before the last day of the month?
    If you arrive between the 1st and 10th, you will have to pay for the entire month. If you arrive between the 11th and 20th, we will deduct 20% of the first month's rent. If you arrive after the 20th, the price is 30 to 45 euros per night depending on the room. If you leave between the 1st and the 9th, we will charge you 30 to 45 euros per night depending on the room. If you leave between the 10th and the 19th, we will deduct 20% of the last month's rent. If you leave after the 20th, you will have to pay the full month.
  • How many bathrooms are there usually per person?
    We try to have a maximum of 2 people per bathroom, although depending on the characteristics of the apartment (if there is a bathroom and a toilet, for example) you can share a bathroom with up to 4 people.
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