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Rooms for rent in some amazing Barcelona buildings

We are the perfect partner for private owners, estates, companies and institutions seeking to improve the profitability of their assets while having the peace of mind from a guaranteed income.

We improve and guarantee your profitability

Property Management

On sold nights

+40 years

Asset surface


Asset value


Units in management


Up to +24%. We reduce turnover, shortages, maintenance, administrative and commission costs.

We increase your profitability

In Hauswe ensure punctual, constant and guaranteed payment of income throughout the contract period.

Guaranteed income

If the property suits us,We formalize a single sublease contract during the time we agree.

Long term contract

We take care of everything. Search for quality tenants, manage the relationship with them and keep your property up to date.

Property Management

We include weekly cleaning and maintenance service in all properties.Like the jets of gold.

In perfect condition

As we integrate all management and operations,you will just have to talk to us during our contract.

A single interlocutor

Bright room for rent with a cozy desk from Haaus Coliving Barcelona

We take care of improving, adapting, maintaining your property, finding tenants and managing the relationship with them while you sign only a long-term contract with us.

Full Property Management

What other owners are saying.

9 year rental example


Adequate after rotation

Agency fees

Administrative costs



Total revenue


- €3750

- €4500

- €4608

- €3240

- €1800

- €3179


Traditional rental

Contract duration: 9 years.  Average tenant turnover in Spain 2021: 3 years according to Idealista.  Barcelona Rental Dynamism: average 1.25 months according to Idealista.  Gaps: DC / R * DA = 3.75 months in total.  Adjustment costs after rotation: 10% of an annuity.  Agency fee: 14.5% (10% of an annuity + VAT).  Administrative costs: 3% in case it is outsourced.  Average cost of home insurance: € 150.  Delinquency: 4% (COVID is not taken into account).  Average cost of bad debts: € 3,179









What other owners are saying.

Carlota Casades

I rent a couple of flats to Haaus Coliving, and would like to say how happy I am with the treatment they give to the house as much as the kind of guests they have. The houses have been refurbished in very good taste and are kept spotless by their team of cleaners that go every week. Their guests are respectful young professionals, it is a pleasure to meet them in the lift or the near by bakery. I was a bit worried at the beginning but now I am super happy with the way our relationship is going. Really I give them 5 stars because there is no 6 stars possibility.

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José C. Moreno

I had a problem renting an apartment. I contacted them and the problem disappeared. Experts, great professionals and very human. Highly recommended.

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Isaac Murray

Great experience and the relationship with those responsible was unbeatable. 100% recommended

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Haaus Coliving Barcelona's Real estate advisors and Property Managers.

Tell us more about your property

Leave us your information and we will contact you in less than 24 hours to understand more about your property and make you the best proposal.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you ASAP.

Aspai Coliving, S.L. is responsible for the processing of the data that you provide us with the purpose of offering you our services. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification and deletion of data, as well as other rights as explained in the privacy policy.

Profitability exploration

We eliminate practically all the costs of renting a property either on your own or through third parties: deficiencies, fees, adequation and maintenance of the property, insurance, delinquency... And we leave you with a guaranteed long-term profitability.

Up to

+24% more profitability.

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