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​Limpieza semanal

​Cocina equipada

​Suministros incluidos

​WiFi ultrarrápido

​Servicio de mantenimiento

​Asistencia 24 horas

In-room locks

Lavandería in-house

​Totalmente amueblado

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152 sqm




The Gothic Quarter (Catalan: Barri Gòtic or El Gòtic, Spanish: Barrio Gótico) is the historic center of the old city of Barcelona. The neighborhood encompasses the oldest parts of the city of Barcelona and includes the remains of the Roman city wall and several notable medieval monuments.

The Gothic Quarter retains a labyrinthine street layout, with many small streets leading to squares.

Some of the best points of interest or monuments in the Gothic Quarter are La Plaza Real (Catalan: Plaça Reial), La Catedral de Barcelona (Catalan: Barcelona Cathedral), La Basílica de Santa María del Pi (Catalan: Basílica de Santa María del Pi), la plaza de Sant Jaume (Catalan: Plaça de Sant Jaume) and the Old Port (Catalan: Port Vell).